Contact Centre Solutions

Customer Support Powered by the Cloud

Transform your customer experience

Utilise an omni-channel communications service that is thoughtfully adapted to cater to your customers' needs via their own preferred communication channel.

Our cloud-based, contact centre solutions better enable customers to have the access to the support they need.

Interpret their enquiries via a user-friendly platform that allows your agents to record, manage, and analyse customer data.

Why push your customers through limiting on-premises support lines when you can provide support through their favoured touch-points.

What comes with your contact centre service?

  • Unified Omni-Channel Contact Centre - Raising Operational efficiencies and lowering management costs
  • Predictive Analytics Based-Routing - Improving customer experience and business outcomes
  • Open Architecture for Integrations - Creating a unified experience for customers, agents and management
  • Flexible Deployment - Including on-premises, hybrid and cloud. Enabling you to chose when and how you evolve your contact centre

Dynamic customer experience driven by analytics

Utilise performance data to create the best business outcomes from your agents and customers attributes and behaviours.

Simulate realistic scenarios of impacts on the business from changes in customer prioritization, routing, agent skilling and more.

Predict customer needs and match them with the perfect agent based upon performance records meeting that need.

Optimised filtering of data analytics, sorting and correlating data for clear analyses by managers and analysts.

Of agent's time spent researching for relevant knowledge.
Greater annual increase in customer profit margins when agents utilise Unified Communications.
Improved customer retention rates when the contact centre is enabled with Unified Communications.
Decrease in agent turnover rate when the contact centre is enabled with Unified Communications.

How do our contact centre solutions benefit you?

  • Meet Customer Satisfaction & Improved Retention.
  • Personalised, Fast Resolution from First Contact.
  • Higher Productivity with Intuitive Omni-Channel Tools.
  • Balanced Call Loads for Workforce Optimisation.
  • Lower Costs with Cloud Migration.

Added Value from CloudTalk

  • We offer enterprise scale services with support for up to 24,000 concurrent agents.
  • Providing an open, flexible multi-tenant cloud infrastructure that enables feature velocity, agility, and innovation.
  • Our solutions can integrate with Webex and other critical cloud applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Workforce Optimization (WFO).