Cloud Security

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defence against threats on the internet wherever users go.
Cisco Umbrella uses the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. By delivering security from the cloud, not only do you save money, but we also provide more effective security.
Umbrella uses DNS to stop threats over all ports and protocols - even direct-to-IP connections.
Umbrella provides visibility into internet activity across all devices, over all ports, even when users are off your corporate network. You can even retain the logs forever.

See attacks before they launch

Umbrella analyses data to identify patterns, detect anomalies and create models to predict if a domain or IP is likely malicious.
Access our threat intelligence of global DNS requests for a complete view of the relationships between domains, IPs, and malware.
Umbrella uses URL and file reputation scores from Cisco Talos and Cisco AMP to block malicious content. 
No hardware, no installing , no manual updates, Umbrella is the simplest security you’ll ever deploy.

DUO Security

Duo’s trusted access solution is a user-centric zero-trust security platform for all users, all devices and all applications.

Combine security expertise with a user-centred philosophy to provide two-factor authentication, endpoint remediation and secure single sign-on tools for the modern era.

Duo has offerings to help you throughout your journey to a complete zero-trust security model. The trusted access solution features everything you need to protect your applications and data at scale.

Gain Trust in Your Users
Make sure your users are who they say they are. Verify users' identities with Duo's strong two-factor authentication - before granting access to applications - to protect against phishing and other access threats.

Get Insight & Control Over Devices
After verifying user identities, Duo checks that their devices meet your security standards - safeguarding against vulnerable or compromised endpoints. Regain insight and control over managed and unmanaged devices, before they access your applications.

Set & Enforce Adaptive User Policies
Duo lets you set and enforce fine-grained policies to grant or block access attempts based on a user’s role, device hygiene, location, network and a host of other contextual factors.

Secure Access to All Applications
Secure access boils down to one main goal: protect every application, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises. With Duo’s remote access and single sign-on (SSO) you give your users secure access to all business applications, from any device and any location

Reduce Security & Compliance Risk
Improve enterprise security and risk posture while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Improve End User Productivity & Experience
Effective, scalable security that is easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Efficient and affordable security with lower investment and management overhead.