Cisco Webex Calling

The simple pathway to Cloud Calling

Cisco Webex Calling is a full-stack, enterprise-grade cloud collaboration bundle that includes everything a business needs.

All via your own PSTN

Webex Calling gives you the option to stick with your current PSTN provider, while transitioning your calling services to the cloud, using a Cisco gateway.
If you have existing Cisco Unified Communication Manager systems you intend to keep in place, we’ll work with you to ensure you maintain consistency in dial plan and directory management across your entire network.

Simpler, intuitive communication

No need to worry anymore about the expense and complexity of managing phone system infrastructure on your premises. With Cisco Webex Calling, you receive:
Global delivery and support: get ubiquitous services and functionality, regardless of location.

Unlimited subscription of auto-attendant, hunt groups, shared call appearances, and more.

Multiple client options: choose Webex Teams for an integrated calling experience, or use a standalone Cisco Webex Calling soft client app.

Always Secure

Everything you share, say, and type is protected by end-to-end encryption. Authorized administrators can manage and enforce security policies. Thanks to Cisco’s high security standards, Webex products are some of the most secure collaboration tools available.
Your services are backed by the reliability and availability of the Cisco global cloud. Enjoy universal services across your sites, including remote users, mobile users, partners, and customers.

Cloud Calling Features

Call Screening
Selective call acceptance, voice messaging and call lists help you answer calls you want, and avoid the ones you don’t.

Simultaneous-ring, call forwarding and hunt groups help you keep it simple on a single phone number.

Modern PC Calling Tools
Manage calling on your PC with Skype & Outlook integration.

Quality Voice and Video
Make your calls with the best quality for video and voice by leveraging the most advanced technology.

Mobile Device
Use your mobile phone like your desk phone. Easily manage your ID with one-number calling and an integrated business directory.

Streamline operations and better call handling with auto-attendant, queuing, and music on hold.

Enterprise Dial Plans
Extension-dial across sites and across the globe for quick and convenient calling.

Improve customer service with easy call distribution, call park/pick-up, and more.